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Special Brew Debut CD - VERSIONS

A lifelong obsession with 2-Tone has brought us here.
Dedicated to the original members of Coventry's finest
and to the brilliant

Special Brew - VERSIONS CD

Coventry 1979

... and something very special is brewing.

The country is about to go 2-Tone crazy to the new sounds of British ska. The Specials, widely regarded as one of the most exciting live bands in the country, have just pressed 5,000 copies of their debut single, on their own label, 2-Tone Records. Within months, The Specials and their labelmates The Selecter & Madness will all appear on Top of the Pops on the same night. For the next two years these bands, alongside The Beat & Bad Manners will dominate the nations airwaves and rule its dance floors.

After 2 years though, its all over, both The Specials and The Selecter split and the 2-Tone bubble bursts. Madness go on to become one of the nations most successful acts, former members of The Specials continue to have hits, as do The Beat & Bad Manners, but the excitement of the early days will not be matched. Speak to anyone who lived through these black & white days and they have so many great memories, but so many will tell you about the excitement of the live shows. They tell you how they danced till they could dance no more. 2-Tone and the bands that started life on the label, also produced some great singles, songs that touched the hearts of the nations youth and left them ska'd for life.

Many of those singles are here on this album, 3 decades on, played by a band made up of life-long fans of the label and its music.

Coventry 2011
... and the city is dancing again to the sounds of the 2-Tone era

This is the sound of ...

Special Brew - VERSIONS CD
12 classic 2 Tone tracks

1. Gangsters
2. Three Minute Hero
3. My Girl
4. Walking in the Sunshine
5. A Message To You Rudy
6. One Step Beyond
7. Mirror In The Bathroom
8. Rat Race
9. Lip Up Fatty
10. Embarrassment
11. Little Bitch
12. Special Brew